Putrajaya-Kuala Lumpur-Penang

First day:

Presence in the airport to travel to Kuala Lumpur on selected airlines the

Second day:

Access to Kuala Lumpur war, then visit the model city of the future city of Putrajaya, the new administrative capital, where extensive gardens and wildlife sanctuaries include unique plants at Lake City splendor and accuracy and beauty in Malaysian folklore evening evening implementation with dinner is open

Third day:

Breakfast, tour of 4 hours to identify the most important landmarks of Kuala Lumpur Royal Palace, independence square, old British nature, Mosque, Chinese temple Nkara, Hindu temple, Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur beacon and is the fourth tallest Tower in the world and then explore the area surrounding baltoine towers including complex (Syria) and is the largest complex in Malaysia and surrounding gardens and artificial lake in front and dining area at the bottom of the towers.

Fourth day:

BS, go balbolman to Genting Highland, a journey that includes the transition to the cable car station outside Kuala Lumpur and then climb the cable car above the tropical forest in the unforgettable view to the hill where many events and tourist attractions, theme parks and water amusement park, restaurants, hotels.

Fifth day:

Breakfast, optional tour to the complex of gardens most famous bird park and butterfly garden and flower garden tropical

Day six:

Go to Penang Island by plane (moving speedboat) and then go to the hotel.

Seventh day:

Breakfast, then enjoy marine sports and enjoy the island and parks and events in the hotel, dinner in proposal ahadalmtaam that offer free meals with folk reviews

Eighth day:

Breakfast, tour of the island to see a butterfly garden and a garden of tropical plants and many temples of different races living there, free time for shopping in the largest complex in Penang, evening shopping in markets, evening walk.

Day 9:

Breakfast, transfer to Penang airport to travel to Kuala Lumpur (go balbolman) then go to the airport and travel across the binana selected fonts

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