Indonesia - Bali


First day:

Leave the airport on the airlines.

Second day:

Arrival in Bali and then move to the mountain resort is one of the best resorts in the world, the MAYAUBUD one of the hills in Bali where you can book a private villa with private pool and private garden where quietness and tranquillity or stay in the main hotel building and all guests afternoon tea on the terrace the

Third day:

Breakfast and enjoy the beauty of nature at the top of the plateau and bicycle rental for a walk or swim in the pools at the top of the Hill or at the bottom of the Valley where there are accessible by a lift from the top of the plateau down the Valley and you can workout rose bathrooms.

Fourth day:

For breakfast you can workout programs free resort in the forests or yoga workout and afternoon tour of the volcano and the Lake surrounding it with lunch and then move on to seaside resort NUSA DUA BEACH HOTEL.

Fifth day:

After breakfast, you can enjoy the resort's programmes in the SPA or take advantage of free features Jacuzzi and steam baths and saunas (same features for women only).

Sixth day:

Aalaftar then stroll mount Summit and then go down to the river and ride in inflatable boats in the direction of flow River with the manual trainer then lunch (beautiful adventure you won't forget)

Seventh day:

Breakfast and spend the rest of the day at the resort for the aircraft to

travel day:

Access to airport safety.
You can add nights at any hotel as desired by the customer
Organized excursions every day throughout the year

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