UAE - Dubai

Enjoy our wonderful program, 8 days / 7 nights, at Bowm village, Ibn Battuta compound and Dubai Malls in addition to the safari.

First day:

Travel via selected lines, tourist bus trip to enjoy the city "Dubai," Emirates Pearl. we are going to most major attractions and major shopping centers and museums and heritage centres. Tour and cruise sailboat, and entry to the Dubai Museum. Accommodation

Second day:

Breakfast, head to the village of albums including the starting compound for the enjoyment of the landscape of modern buildings, parks and attractions for Dubai on both sides of the Creek and includes round dinner, overnight stay

Third day:

Breakfast, go to Safari tour in the desert and enjoy driving the SUV on the desert dunes and then dinner in the tent in the desert accompanied by substantive programme, then return to the hotel

Fourth day:

Breakfast, (optional). Go to Ibn Battuta Mall complex is of huge shopping malls, each part representing the country in which they faced the Arab traveller Ibn batuta during his travels (as Egypt, China, India and Iran and Tunisia and Andalusia you can experience balloon ride Dubai. accommodation

Day 5:

breakfast, (optional) visit the Dubai Mall shopping and watching various aquatic organisms in the Aquarium and enjoy the evening fountain which begins at 6 p.m. every half hour rate you can also visit the Burj Khalifa, which is known as the tallest Tower in the world, and may be accompanied by children enjoy balkidzinia bed

Day 6:

breakfast, (optional) visit the Emirates Mall where you can shop and enjoy ice skating.

Seventh day:

Breakfast: ( Optional) round Valley City aquatic wild peeta.

Eighth day:

Go from the hotel to the airport and back to the safety of God
S can be added as desired by the customer
Organized excursions every day throughout the year.
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