Montreal-Quebec City-thousand Island-Toronto-Niagara falls

First day:

Presence at the airport for travel on selected lines ... access to Montreal (the second largest city in Canada and the most important city in the French province of Quebec) access to the hotel.

the second day:

Breakfast, tour to visit the most important landmarks Montreal (Moruyal-Notre Dame Church Alothreyhalmerfoo-old city Sherbrooke Street-Olympic stadium-Albotnekal Gardn- Alguenah- business district and banks in the Montreal-Jamahmak Gail)

the third day:

Breakfast, free time for shopping in San Catherine Street months time the city's streets and to identify additional landmarks of the city.

the fourth day:

Breakfast, move to Quebec City, which has the same territory in which it is located and the name is on the mouth of the Saint Lawrence River in the Atlantic Ocean.

The fifth day:

Breakfast, a tour of the John Of Arc Castle - Parliament building - City Hall -nottrdam

Sixth day:

Breakfast, go to the city of Kingston punctuated by two toilet breaks on the road.

the seventh day:

Breakfast, tour of the ship to watch the eastern end of the Thousand Island and San Lawrence River the most important rivers in Canada because it reaches the ocean south of the Great Lakes Canada.

Eighth day:

Breakfast, move to Toronto the most important and the largest industrial cities and tourist in Canada.

Ninth Day:

Breakfast, a tour to visit the city's main attractions (CN Tower, the highest tower in the world contacts -skaa Dom-without -casalova Valley -sta Hall Mart San Lawrence -ogly residential areas in North America Zone of the shores of lakes -hiurk Phil - and other landmarks)

Tenth day:

Breakfast, visit the most important park in the province of Ontario (the most important region in Canada) and his name Algonak and spend a whole day in which where Canadians go there for camping and fishing and picnic and Sbahho fishing and bird watching, evening return to Toronto.

Today atheist ten:

Breakfast, transfer to the greatest and most famous in the world of Niagara Falls and the practice of some of the activities like riding a boat approaching from the mouth of the waterfalls in an unforgettable adventure.

Twelfth day:

Breakfast, a tour to the city of Niagara-on-the-Lake and is beautiful and very Sgarho city where small shops and elegant restaurants and luxurious guest houses crowded as a result of its presence on the US border, and watch San Katirn and city parks and Filoral clock.

Thirteenth day:

Breakfast, move to Toronto, where travel on the lines selected.
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