Prague, Carlo vivari

First day:

Travel on selected airlines in the direction of Prague, the Czech capital, go to hotel, city tour of Prague between two to three hours to learn the architectural style of ancient buildings harmonious as a Symphony of Mozart symphonies, including serious Vaciavske and follow-up visits to the old town square where you can see landmarks and wonderful agwaaeha and you can go to enjoy sitting at one of the cafes scattered around, and then transit through alleyways filled with Bohemian shops alchris tall ceramic and glass shops Souvenirs to reach Charles Bridge Bridge where each statue there is a story, then visit Prague Castle situated on a hill with fabulous panoramic oversees to Prague and buildings with roofs of Red alkermidet.

Second day:

Breakfast and then go to the Karlstein Castle and the limits of 35 miles from the heart of the city when access to the endpoint you must rent a car or horse cart for access to the entrance if you do not wish to walk up between city buildings, near the Castle and shops selling gifts and souvenirs, you need approximately.

Third day:

Breakfast and then a tour boat ride for two hours through certain t Valtava to identify landmarks and major buildings on the River with ENPPI c drink and some sweets.

Fourth day:

Breakfast, then go to Carlo vivari and where most spas within the forests of Central Europe, which filmed many movies, and 120 km from Prague.

Fifth day:

Breakfast, spend some time enjoying the SPA at one of the resorts.

Sixth day:

Breakfast, go to the airport to return to safety.
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