First day:

The transition from one of the airports to the hotel.

Second day:

Full day visit highlights Japan's capital Tokyo and begins with the Tokyo Tower, and enjoy panoramic views of the city, then visit the Japanese garden and a traditional tea ceremony ' lunch and continue to visit the Imperial Palace from the outside with a photo stop at the square in front of the Imperial Palace. , And then tour by boat to the river where you can enjoy the view of the city from the river and traffic under many bridges and structures each with different geometric art and beautiful, then visit the region of Asakusa and stroll in Japanese traditional market and watch the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo's most popular sinsogi. Then visit Ginza district, the most famous shopping district in Tokyo.

Third day:

Go to the foot of Mount Fuji by fast, then stopping to enjoy the magnificent view from a height of 2300 meters. Then Japanese-style lunch. In the afternoon, visit Hakone which vapors from live volcanoes and a cruise on Lake ASHI in Hakone, the pirates the contrived boat where you can bathe in hot water and drag it inside the volcano.

Fourth day:

Go by train to Kyoto. Lunch and then an afternoon tour to NARA, the first capital of Japan. Visit the Temple of todaigi and the big Buddha, Nara Park (Deer Park) and a lot of places worth seeing back to kiotollmbit.

Fifth day:

Sightseeing around Kyoto in the morning, visit kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavilion), Nijo castle, Imperial Palace, lunch in the handicraft Centre and then visit a group of temples.

6th day:

return to Tokyo – free time for shopping.

Seventh day:

Transfer to airport.
We will not transfer your luggage luggage by road from Tokyo to Kyoto, one piece per person. Additional baggage, 200 yen for each additional bag.
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